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By: Praveen Kumar Choudhary (cehpraveen) | November 29, 2016

Google Search Console Changes "Submit To Index" To "Request Indexing

Google has changed the Search Console feature from "submit to index" to "request indexing" within the Fetch as Google feature. This is actually a week or so old but more and more SEOs and webmasters are noticing it.It is a subtle change but Google made the change to ensure webmasters know that if they use the feature, it might not lead to Google indexing or ranking the page. Submit to index means you will submit the page to Google's index. Request indexing means it is only making such a request.
Here is a before screen shot:Google Webmaster Tools Submit To Index
Here is what it looks like now:
                                         click for full size
Then ...

By: Praveen Kumar Choudhary (cehpraveen) | October 13, 2016


JIO 4G SIM can be taken only with the help of the bar code. MyJio bar code is generated from the app. Once the code is just to get a SIM. The code itself is generated only once in a smartphone. However, the trick is that the user generates a bar code on the phone and several SIM can take JIO

The first three apps on your smartphone 'MyJio', and 'MTK Engineering' to install. They exist on the Play Store.

First-time bar code you are generating, the app open MyJio detail by selecting your state and city to Phil. The bar code will be generated.

The second bar code to generate the IMEI number of the mobile will have to change. MTK Engineering app can do the job. Net before the close.

MTK Engineering app can no...

By: Praveen Kumar Choudhary (cehpraveen) | October 02, 2016

 After a nearly two year wait, Google’s Penguin algorithm has finally been updated again. It’s the fourth major release, making this Penguin 4.0. It’s also the last release of this type, as Google nowsays Penguin is a real-time signal processed within its core search algorithm.
Penguin goes real-time
Penguin is a filter designed to capture sites that are spamming Google’s search results in ways that Google’s regular spamming systems might not detect. Introduced in 2012, it has operated on a periodic basis.
In other words, the Penguin filter would run and catch sites deemed spammy. Those sites would remain penalized even if they improved and changed until the next time the filter ran, which could take months.
The last Penguin update, Penguin 3...